Make your dishes more informative with labels

  • 1. Login
    If you do not have an account yet, you can create one for free here. We also have a guide to get started.
  • 2. Go to "Edit my menus"
    If you do not have a menu yet, you can create a new one or use our demo menu. If you do not know where to start, follow this guide.
    How to create a menu on the admin interface
  • 3. Add labels to your dishes
    Each dish can be decorated with labels. We call them badges. We offer predefined badges such as "vegetarian", "nuts free" and more.
    how to add badges using the admin interface
    If you do not find a badge in the list, you can always enter custom badges. To do so, simply type in the badge name, for example "cheese" and hit enter.
    Example of cheese badge on the admin interface
    And voilà! Once you have saved your menu, the dishes will now have badges and users will see them and be able to use them to filter the dishes.
    Example of cheese badge on the guest interface
  • Congratulations! You now know how to add labels to your dishes.
    If you need any assistance, please let us know at [email protected]. We will gladly help.