Local restaurant owners are part of what makes every country great. They create the majority of new jobs, but they are not just important for the economy. They also represent hope and optimism in our communities. They remind us that it is possible to rise from being a worker somewhere to becoming a restaurant owner one day. They take high risks - years of their lives, their families, their savings – to pursue their dreams. They keep neighborhoods alive.

What would the world look like without them?

But to be in the running, local restaurant owners need proper tools. Tools that are easy to use, that don’t cost much, that help them manage their businesses, that improve their customer relationships, and that give them power and energy, instead of making them dependent and vulnerable.

Take a Seat wants to empower small restaurant owners to fully control their businesses. We want them to be able to have their own brand and to differentiate themselves from competitors, without having to spend a lot of money on expensive tools.

We want the small to have the same chances as the big.

Why Take a Seat?

A solution to the most common problems restaurant owners know

Restaurant owners face many challenges. Take a Seat helps resolve the most common of them and improves sales and management.

Improve customer experience and boost your sales

With Take a Seat you will look great. Get away from static web pages, greasy plastified menus or worn rate cards. Take a Seat makes it easier for your customers to find what might interest them. You will provide a better experience to your customers and this will boost your sales.

Thanks to analytics anyone can understand you will track your success and improve management decisions.

Differentiate yourself from competitors

With Take a Seat you can have your own design, your colors, your pictures, your style. You can apply your visual signature and build a strong brand that will be easily recognised.

You customers will know what you stand for.

The best alternative to Facebook for restaurant owners

Facebook is a wonderful tool but wasn’t conceived for restaurant owners in the first place. It is difficult to present your products and services to their full value and, more importantly, it is very difficult to appear as a clearly differentiated brand or operator. Facebook pages look all the same.

You will have better results if you use Take a Seat for your restaurant. Keep your presence on Facebook but rely on Take a Seat for the presentation of your products and your clear brand identity. You want to look unique, don’t you?

Cut costs on digital technology

Investing in digital technology is often expensive and time-consuming. Take a Seat is so easy to use and cost-effective, you won’t waste your time or your money. And the premium version with awesome features costs only 20 $ per month.

With Take a Seat you get highly reactive support. Again: We want the small to have the same chances as the big.

Hiring and keeping good staff in a small restaurant

Finding and keeping good employees is a challenge for most restaurant owners. As a restaurant owner, you want to keep the turnover rate low, because it costs a lot of time and energy to hire and train new staff members.

With Take a Seat, you can easily delegate new tasks to your staff and manage your restaurant more efficiently.

Take a Seat is so easy to use that you will train new staff members quickly and effectively. Moreover, you can let your staff create new entries and occasionally play with the design. For staff motivation, it is important to let them take responsibility for new tasks in a playful and creative way. For example, you can let someone design the menu for your national holiday or for the next game of the local football team.

Combine with other web products

Maybe you are a web designer looking for an opportunity to enrich your repertory? Take a Seat can easily be used in combination with other web products. Feel free to use the part of our product that fits your customers’ needs best. Your customers will appreciate the service and you will increase your sales.


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